Monday, September 17, 2007

So, I was trying to figure this out recently, but I just can’t remember. I have no idea how I found this website at all. But, that having been said, it has become one of my main procrastination tools.

AfterEllen has changed quite a bit since I first found it about a year ago. First, they added a blog, which… well, I don’t know why the blog is different from the main page, it seems to me that that is not necessary, but whatever, it’s good. The main difference though, is that they got bought out by Logo and added a whole bunch of new writers, meaning that there are way more posts going up (mainly on the blog section) every day… we’re talking sometimes as many as 10 posts a day. It’s awesome

I suppose I should tell you what the site is about. The byline of the website is “News, Reviews & Commentary on Lesbian and Bisexual Women in Entertainment and the Media”. So, that should give you some idea, but I don’t think it’s an accurate byline at all. Because it’s not just about gay women, it’s about anything that happens in pop culture that they think may be of interest to gay women. And when I first found this website it really stunned me how pretty much every single post was about something I was interested in, I just couldn’t figure out how they did that… how did the people who ran this website know what would appeal to me simply based on my sexuality. It’s still weird to me, even though with the buy out and the subsequent hiring of the huge amount of writers they now have the ratio of articles I’m interested has gone down significantly – it’s worth pointing out though, that it’s still pretty darn high.

One of the newer things they’ve started to do over there are these vlogs (video blogs), and I love them! There’s “She Made Me Watch This”, which ‘stars’ Sarah (who started this website, and who, if you check out her myspace page, lists her occupation as ‘professional lesbian’, which is awesome!) and her girlfriend Lori. I just love watching them together, it gives me warm fuzzies.

See... too cute, I'll give you more.

And then there’s the “We’re Getting Nowhere” vlog, which is pretty much brand new – they summarize this show called South of Nowhere which doesn’t air in Canada anywhere (but which I manage to watch somehow… I plead the fifth on how), and this vlog cracks me right up. It doesn’t hurt that I’ve developed a celesbian crush on out actress Jill Bennett (beware, that link makes loud music happen), who I'd never actually heard of before

Anyway, there it is… one of my favourite websites and most faithful procrastination tools. It’s pure fluff, and I love it.


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Ghost Writer said...

afterellen's great. I love reading recaps by scribegrrrl.